Tree of Life Chakra Pendant – Silver


Tree of Life Chakra Pendant in Silver. It includes a matching chain and features natural stones that align with your 7 Chakras beautifully intertwined in the branches of this beacon of love and light.

Product Description

The meaning of the tree of life is one that has been spread, much like it’s many roots and branches, through every ancient culture and spiritual realm of existence. It has become a universal symbol of our connection to the Earth, all of human kind, and the entirety of the universe.

This pendant includes a matching chain necklace and displays the Tree of Life, a beacon of love and light, beautifully intertwined with stones that are aligned with our Chakras.


Pendant: 1.5 Inches Tall by 1.5 Inches Wide

Chain: 24 inches long

Set against a silver plated finish you will find the following stones.

From left to right in the photo –

Garnet – Root Chakra (First Chakra)

Carnelian – Sacral Hara Chakra (Second Chakra)

Citrine – Solar Plexus Chakra (Third Chakra)

Peridot – Heart Chakra (Fourth Chakra)

Blue Apatite – Throat Chakra (Fifth Chakra)

Blue Fluorite – Third Eye Chakra (Sixth Chakra)

Amethyst – Crown Chakra (Seventh Chakra)

Please see the Quarter in the second photograph for size reference.

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