Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Nuggets – Natural


1/4 pound of natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Nuggets for inlay, jewelry, Lapidary, woodworking, and other artistic creations.

Product Description

We are excited to present these natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Nuggets from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Globe, Arizona. The Sleeping Beauty mine is closed down, which makes real Sleeping Beauty Turquoise of quality very hard to find. We now have these available in 1/4 pound (four ounce) bags.

The Sleeping Beauty mine has produced some of the most beautiful Turquoise in the United States. Everyone from inlay artists to high fashion companies, including Tiffany’s Jewelers, jumped at the chance to include this Turquoise in their works of art because of the unique and unforgettably vivid color of this specific variety of Turquoise.

Frequent Questions:

Is it Stabilized?

Yes, lightly. Most Turquoise is now a days, and if you can find non-stabilized Sleeping Beauty Turquoise it would cost you hundreds of dollars per carat.

Is it color enhanced?

No, it is not. What you see is the natural brilliance of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.


Turquoise has been a central stone for Shamans, warriors, queens, and kings throughout the ages. This beautiful stone is believed to provide protection for those who wear it, as well as bring about inner peace, happiness, and good fortune.

For those who ride horses, since the time of the Indians, Turquoise is believed to protect riders from falls and ensure a safe journey in all types of travels. In reference to animals in general, it is said that when placed on the animals collar, bridle, or cage it can prevent the pet from being stolen or straying from home.

In your work environment Turquoise will inspire leadership, clear communication, and promote self confidence in your projects. For high stress jobs, this tranquil stone can relieve anxiety and stress not to mention release writers block and other road blocks.

Physically, Turquoise can provide an abundance of benefits. It can alleviate panic attacks and exhaustion, detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system, and aid in relieving problems with your respiratory system or sinuses.

Emotionally, Turquoise can repair depression and a broken heart. This stone naturally lifts spirits and stabilizes mood swings. By keeping this stone close by you can master the ability to recognize what causes happiness and unhappiness so that you can focus on the things that bring joy into your life. As a stone that wards off hysteria, those who have a tendency to give in to being over dramatic or who tend to let anxiety rule their lives should always carry Turquoise to help them release that negativity and lead a positive life.

Note: We did not dig this Turquoise out of the Sleeping Beauty mine with our own two hands, but did get it from a very trusted source. To the best of our knowledge, this is 100% natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.

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