Painting With Stones and Pigments

Painting With Stones - Crystal Paintings by Alley JeanFor thousands of years, and prior to the modern advent of paints that are created from manufactured processes, painters approached their artistic renderings from a much more nature-based method. Painting with stones and minerals was very popular once they learned how to crush them down into sizes that could be used.

Finely crushed natural stones and minerals have long been used as paint pigments. From Azurite being used to create beautiful blue skies to malachite providing rich greens that fill out the most magical landscapes.

In addition, and especially with the increase in awareness around the intrinsic energy and power of certain crystals, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of painters and multi-media artists who utilize our crushed crystals to adorn their pieces of art.

We love to imagine the possibilities and see the creations from our artist community!

Here are some popular choices for paint pigments:

Crushed Azurite – Powder – Deep Blue

Crushed Lapis Lazuli (Ultramarine) – Powder – Deep Blue

Crushed Malachite – Powder – Vibrant Green

Crushed Sulphur – Powder – Yellow

Crushed Hematite – Powder – Rusty Red/Orange

Crushed Jet – Powder – Black

Popular Crystal choices for Multimedia Paintings:

Crushed Quartz – All Sizes – Clear

Crushed Amethyst – All Sizes – Purple

Crushed Tourmaline – All Sizes – Black

Crushed Citrine – All Sizes – Orange

As always, please contact us directly if you have additional questions. We can’t wait to see what you create with our crushed material!