Painting With Crushed Stone Explored

As promised in my last post, we want to continue the discussion about painting with crushed stone. It’s a fun and exciting topic that we’ve been spending a lot of time exploring. In this article, I’m going to discuss some of the results we achieved in the next painting I created. If you missed the first post on this topic, I’d recommend taking a look since we dive into the Egg Tempera Painting method that I also used for the paintings that follow.

Painting With Crushed StoneSei He Ki Painting

The second symbol I learned in Reiki II was Sei He Ki. While different practitioners use this symbol for different reasons, here is a solid description I came across online:

Sei He Ki has a general meaning of: “God and man become one”.

The Mental/Emotional symbol brings together the “brain and the body”. It helps people to bring to the surface and release the mental/emotional causes of their problems.

Many people (even doctors) are starting to realize that many of our ailments are based on mental and emotional unbalances that we probably are not even aware of. The symbol works to focus and harmonize the subconscious with the physical side.

This symbol can be used to help with emotional and mental healing. It balances the left and right side of the brain and gives peace and harmony. It is also very effective on relationship problems. The Sei He Ki symbol can also be used on diverse problems like nervousness, fear, depression, anger, sadness etc. (source –

For this project, I used a layering approach. Starting with the crushed powder Lapis, I created four bands that run horizontally across the canvas. Next, I created three bands of Malachite. To complete the background, I tried using powdered Howlite for the first time to create white. It worked better than I expected and also opened the door for gradients, which I’ll jump into on the next piece I post about (Hint: We made a rainbow and created a gradient mixing two pigments).

To finish this piece, I made a batch of red Hematite paint and started creating the Sei He Ki symbol in the foreground. As always, the Hematite pops out in an amazing red that’s hard to turn away from.

A few lessons learned from this piece:

  1. When painting with crushed stone it helps to allow your layers to dry if you’re trying to avoid colors running into themselves. I typically set my paintings in front of the fan for 10-15 minutes before applying a different color.
  2. Adding a lighter paint on top of darker ones requires some layering.
  3. Howlite worked for creating a white pigment (yay!).

Much love friends!

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