Wood Inlay

Here are some interesting and informative videos that we have located on the web that may help you come up with ideas for your next projects.

In this video, Sam Angelo (Wyoming Wood Turner), does an excellent job at sharing some of his techniques for inlaying crushed turquoise into various projects that he’s working on. He shares some great tips on how to handle the material and how to appropriately apply glue when performing the inlay.

Here are some additional links to Sam Angelo’s work:
Website: www.wyomingwoodturner.com
Etsy Store: wyomingwoodturnercom
YouTube Channel: wyomingwoodturner

In this video, Woodworking Barcelona brings us through the very exciting process of creating a custom turned ring and adding lapis lazuli inlay material to the center channel. He did a great job on the video and it’s pretty informative!

Here are some additional links to Lluis’ work:
Etsy Store: Woodworking Barcelona
YouTube Channel: Woodworking Barcelona

In this next video, Wildwood Design shows the steps in doing inlay on a Bangle. I really liked how thorough he was with the material and the process that he shares for tapping the material into the appropriate space prior to applying glue.

Here are some additional links for Wildwood Design:
YouTube Channel: Wildwood Design
Website: www.bangleguy.com