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Malachite Orgone GeneratorsWe often think of Hawaii as a peaceful place, full of good vibrations and fun in the sun. However, Hawaii is also filled with the energy of power lines, large corporations that call these islands home, and military installations. With all of this added energy interrupting the free flowing positivity there is a call to action to help restore the purity of the original life giving force of the land that can’t be ignored… not just in Hawaii, but all over our planet. Krisztina Samu has answered that call and stepped up to the plate to start righting these wrongs. Although she is originally Hungarian, the spirit of the Hawaiian lands have called her to her new home. Krisztina has lived on the islands for the past 9 years practicing Acupuncture and now creates some of the most beautiful Orgone Generators I’ve ever seen. Her ability to fill them with intense loving vibrations and the intention to clear negativity and restore the flow of life is inspiring.

Orgone Generators can collect negative energy and transmute it back into the positive life giving force that brings health and vitality to the surrounding earth, animals, and people too. This force can be felt surrounding us in certain places, a thriving forest or in the company of giggling children for example. Some call it Qi or Prana, but it is always the same Universal Life Force that fills everything it touches with energy and a feeling of love.

Turquoise Orgone GeneratorsThese glittering gifts from the Hawaiian town of Kapa’a on the Island of Kauai include a wide variety of Right Rocks crushed material including Malachite, Rose Quartz, Abalone, Turquoise, and Lapis Lazuli. In addition to our stones and crystals Krisztina has told us she “often includes Quartz points, which have been cleansed in Hawaiian sea salt and tuned in a brass-singing bowl. The quartz is then further programmed with the 12 Solfeggio frequencies tuning forks for the perfect circle of sound. They are then wrapped with thin copper wire to further amplify the natural electrical pulsations of this crystal. The compression of the quartz in the resin and metal matrix produces a piezoelectric effect, which both emits and draws in energy, converting EMFs to positive orgone energy. “

Krisztina has begun “gifting” these works of energetic art all over the world, including places like ponds, near high voltage structures, and other countries. Her creations are incredible symbols of the hope we should all still have for protecting ourselves from the harmful output of the electrical devices we are all so attached to daily, for saving this planet, and for spreading goodwill not just to our fellow man but to the Earth too.

Orgone Generators - Abalone

Orgone Generators - Turquoise and Shell

Her work can now be found in gift shops on Kauai and the Big Island, as well as in her shop HawaiianManaOrgonite on Etsy.

If you are looking to clear your energetic space or join the gifting movement, visit Krisztina’s shop here:…

Finding yourself as inspired as we are? Pick up stones and crystals for your own creations in our shop or visit us on Etsy by clicking here:

Some of the products featured in this blog post include the following:

Crushed Abalone – Large Sand – Shell

Crushed Malachite – Large Sand – Natural

Crushed Sleeping Beauty Turquoise – Large Sand – Natural

Crushed Clear Quartz Crystal – Large Sand – Natural

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