About Right Rocks

Welcome to Right Rocks!  We know what you’re thinking… “Oh joy. Another boring About Us section.”  Whoa there Rock Aficionado.  Just because we specialize in inanimate objects doesn’t mean we’re boring. Well, sometimes… but, usually we’re pretty passionate and somewhat interesting (the vote is still out on the interesting part).  So, stay with us and we’ll do our best not to disappoint.

Right Rocks, the company, officially started up in 2012 after a wacky (somewhat strange) occurrence in the backyard of Founder, Michael Long.  After moving into his home in Gilbert, AZ, Michael wandered into the backyard to check things out.  As he gazed over the “xeriscape” stretch of gravel, he was struck by how many greenish-blue rocks were mixed in.  Upon closer inspection, the rocks didn’t look like normal gravel.  After collecting a few hundred pieces, he brought them to local rock experts and was informed that someone must have hit a Chrysocolla vein when crushing up the gravel for the backyard.  A day later, Michael bought a flex shaft machine and started learning how to cut, shape and finish jewelry pieces.  His first custom piece sold 4 days later and a passion stemming from his college days reignited.

In 2000, Michael had first met Co-Founder, Adrian Gotjen in Washington, DC.  Adrian was starting his first jewelry store shortly after having received his GIA credentials as a Graduate Gemologist and Jeweler (GG & GJ).  Prior, Adrian had spent a number of years studying metallurgy, gem cutting and the diamond trade both in the US and abroad.  For the following 3 years, Michael took a keen interest in Adrian’s work and a friendship formed between them.

After creating a number of custom pieces from the backyard gravel, Michael decided to dive deeper into the rock world by seeking out insightful mentors and contacts.  A decision was reached in late 2012 to launch the business and a partnership formed between Michael and Adrian.

Right Rocks has a focus on… well, rocks.  And the right ones!  Ha!  Kidding aside, we focus on supplying our customers with high quality material that can be used for a range of applications.  Woodworkers use our crushed stone for wood inlay.  Jewelers utilize crushed stone for chip inlay.  Some customers use raw material for lapidary projects or as additions to their rock collections.  Last, but not least, we service a variety of customers that have an interest or dedicate to the metaphysical realm – from healers to psychics to individual practitioners.

We also create custom jewelry pieces for clients who enjoy owning (or gifting) one-of-a-kind items.  From custom diamond wedding rings to semi-precious fashion accessories, we’re always eager to create something special and unique for our customers.  As an added touch, we document the creation process.